Worldwide Efforts to Combat Diabetes are Failing.

Billions of dollars are spent each year fighting diabetes, yet the diabetes epidemic is rising exponentially.  According to the World Health Organization, the global prevalence of diabetes has nearly doubled since 1980, rising even faster in low and middle income countries.  It is estimated that over 422 million people are living with diabetes.  Millions more are at risk for developing diabetes, which is leading to significant increases in complications and death.

Disparities in care are widening and the costs of diabetes care are unsustainable.

The current costs to the patient, private insurance, and government healthcare systems are unsustainable.

We believe there is a better, simpler, and more balanced approach to fighting diabetes that is practical for developing countries and regions where improvements in cost effective outcomes are a priority.  We develop and implement culturally relevant strategies for comprehensive and cohesive solutions that include education, treatment, and prevention of diabetes through integration of policy, medicine, business, community, and patient engagement.

The American Diabetes Association reported that 70% of the cost of treating diabetes is the result of non-compliance and mismanagement of the disease by the patient.  We are focused on the integration of solutions that address the reality of the patient and include an emphasis on community health engagement where we believe we can impact 70% of costs associated with mismanagement.

This innovative process combines, for the first time, all the major stakeholders invested in the treatment and prevention of diabetes to address the specific needs of the local diabetes-hypertension population to achieve sustainable improvements.  These stakeholders represent the four pillars of a cohesive strategy:

  • Policy
  • Medicine
  • Business
  • Patient & Community

In addition, Tenacia works with non-profits and industry to bring solutions that meet specific regional market needs for sustainable improvements in diabetes prevention and treatment.  In this way, emerging and developing countries now have access to the latest technologies and innovation in diabetes care and prevention.

Tenacia is committed to accelerating global access for innovations to tackle diabetes prevention and quality care at an affordable cost, ultimately restoring health and well-being for all people regardless of their culture or economic situation.