Tenacia brings integrated solutions and innovative technologies into a cultural context appropriate for developing countries and global market expansion. We aim to reduce the disparities of care for global populations through increased access to the latest in innovative technologies that meet the needs for improving diabetes prevention and care. We design integrated solutions in the cultural context and accelerate access to international markets for technology companies with little or no costs of sales.

Our experience and connections reduce the risks of pursuing global markets and expands your opportunities to create value and get your product to global revenue traction significantly faster.

In conjunction with our technology partners, Tenacia will evaluate cultural relevancy and product features that can address unmet clinical needs, economics, and high priority issues identified by policy-makers, clinicians, business leaders, communities, and patients.

Examples of services provided:

  • Sales/marketing, operations, and distribution to support global expansion.
  • Introductions and due diligence support for strategic investors.
  • Establish milestones and metrics with prospective industry partners.
  • Support company in due diligence preparation and meetings with prospective investors.
  • Prepare sales/marketing plan, budget, timeline, and implementation metrics.
  • Evaluate global market opportunities and provide management/distribution support.
  • Provide plan and execution for emerging markets access.
  • Establish strategic relationships to drive commercial milestones.
  • Manage communications and distribution for emerging markets.
  • Evaluate commercial potential of research asset for global opportunities.
  • Introduce investment and strategic industry partners to establish/advance commercial traction.
  • Create value proposition, metrics, and milestones with industry partners.
  • Drive revenue traction to increase asset value.