Our goal is to reduce the high cost of complications of diabetes through the use of innovative technologies, education, and community outreach programs.  We emphasize working with local organizations to provide Screening, Education, Patient Care, and innovative Technologies


  • Implement national screening program to improve understanding of scope, priorities, and needs.
  • Expand population screening through local corporate sponsorship.
  • Develop a National Diabetes Registry.


  • Expand community health worker training and certification.
  • Expand professional training and certification.
  • Integrate targeted patient education.


  • Self-care through Mobile apps and Social Media support groups.
  • Pre-crisis management programs.
  • Continuous screening programs.
  • On-going targeted education.
  • Improve access to quality care through implementation of best Practices in the cultural context.
  • Promote prevention and wellness within communities.
  • Lower incidence of high cost complications such as amputations, blindness, and ESRD.
  • Increase utilization of products and innovative technologies that address patient needs.


  • Use of new and “off the shelf” Mobile app technologies to educate and support patient concordance with individualized care plan.
  • Utilize leading-edge technical infrastructure for management and measurement.